About Us

Like all great ideas, the Chopper1 Axe began with six simple words: "There must be a better way."

That's exactly what Bob Kolonia was thinking back in 1975. He was having difficulty splitting wood in his backyard with a traditional axe and maul. An old friend of the family stopped by and gave Bob a tip. He said "Strike the wood with the axe head at a 45 degree angle. The axe won't stick and it'll help split the wood easier." Well it worked, but it got Bob thinking. He realized the angle change converted the downward force of his strike into an outward force--thereby splitting the wood with less effort. However, it wasn't an easy technique to master.

So Bob went into his shop with an idea and some rough drawings and began tinkering. And when he emerged, the Chopper1 Axe was born.

Bob showed his axe to a few of his family and friends and was encouraged by their excitement. After receiving a patent for his idea, he took the Chopper1 Axe to the National Hardware Show in Chicago where the response was overwhelming. It proved to be the impetus for Bob to produce the Chopper1 Axe on a full time basis.

As the demand grew, over 2000 Chopper1 axes were being produced and sold every day through major retailers such as Sears, J.C. Penney, and K-Mart. For over a decade, a dedicated following throughout the United States and Canada were using the Chopper1 Axe to split wood with ease.In 1989, with other projects demanding much of his attention, Bob decided to sell his remaining inventory and put the Chopper1 Axe to rest.

Over the years, people began to track Bob down with numerous requests to resurrect the Chopper1 Axe. At first he resisted, but realized that with the internet, he could sell the Chopper1 Axe directly to the consumer.

Since 1975, the Chopper1 Axe has taken the frustration out of splitting wood. And now it's back, and available exclusively online.