Axes and handles will be out of stock until the end of the summer. Please check back at a later time.


On this page, you can find our most frequently asked questions.

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Q. - Can I order a fiberglass handle?
A. - We no longer produce fiberglass handles.

Q. - Can I order a used Chopper1 Axe?
A. - We do not sell used axes - only new ones.

Q. - Can I contact you on weekends?
A. - Our office and factory are open Monday-Friday.

Q. - Can I get a discount for multiple orders, or coupon to use?
A. - We do not offer a discount for multiple orders, nor do we offer any coupons.

Q. - Can I use any handle for a replacement in my Chopper1 Axe?
A. - Our handles are made exclusively to fit our Chopper1 Axes.

Q. - Do we have stores in the US or other countries that sell the axe?
A. - NO, we only sell it online in the US and other countries. 

Q. - Why don’t we make the fiberglass handles anymore?
A. - It was not cost effective.

Q. - Does the old axe head fit the new hickory handle properly?
A. - Yes, Please check this link for further instructions on how to install the handle

Q. - What type of wood does it split?
A. - Please check the links (Ratings for Firewood Doc1) (Ratings for Firewood Doc2)

Q. - Do we accept any credit cards or methods of payment besides Mastercard and Visa?
A. - NO, only Mastercard and Visa.